What auctions are topping the charts for our bidders?

Restaurant closure season is in full swing. As we head into Fall and rapidly approach Winter, we are seeing more and more restaurant closures from across the country. However, among all the chaos comes several positives within the industry. While there are more restaurant closures, we are seeing an increase in the frequency of restaurant remodels and renovations. We have the privilege of working with the "Inn on the Lake" located in Canadaigua, New York while they begin a massive remodel and overhaul of their current location. With remodeling and renovation comes a mass amount of surplus equipment and decor that can be liquidated for pennies on the dollar to assist smaller restaurants and businesses who might not be able to afford the hefty cost of new furniture, fixtures and equipment. With that being said, we're excited to bring you 4 live auctions that are currently topping the charts for our bidders and 14 additional auctions that will be coming soon! See the list below for just a few of the auctions that our bidders are taking advantage of:

Au Bon Pain Closure: Romulus, New York

Featuring items from several closed Au Bon Pain locations, this auction is perfect for both decor and large restaurant equipment pieces starting at $1 for all items! Flexible pickup location with a loading dock and available forklift for added convenience.

Dos Toros Taqueria Remodel: Manhattan, New York

Here is a perfect example of a restaurant who is going through a remodel and renovation. The recent updates have left Dos Toros with surplus equipment that is selling at about 90% below retail value. A perfect opportunity for new restaurants to take advantage of liquidation pricing on clean equipment.

World Class Resort Surplus: East Arlington, Texas

This is our first auction from our new warehouse located in Arlington, Texas. We're excited to bring this surplus restaurant equipment to Arlington.

Casual Dining Surplus: Elk Grove, Illinois

Another surplus auction featuring panini presses, toasters, and refrigeration pieces that are in excellent condition. Just minutes outside of downtown Chicago, the pickup location for this auction is conveniently located with a dock and available forklift.

These are just a few of the many auctions we have available and the many auctions we will be launching in the near future. Stay tuned and happy bidding!

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