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An easy and convenient way for our customers to get freight quotes. Freightquote is very universal and has a nationwide reach in order to get your equipment to where it needs to go. Instantly view freight and shipping rates from a variety of carriers. Please note that items must be palletized before they can be shipped with this carrier.


Contact Name: Lance Spicher

Contact Phone: 651.697.8844

Contact Email:


Contact Name: Karen Rivera

Contact Phone: 816.949.6707

Contact Email:

A Crystal Moving & Storage Company:

An excellent option recommended to our customers who live within 4 hours of DeSoto, Texas. 30+ years of combined experience in the moving industry, A Crystal Moving & Storage serves the local DFW area, Texas intrastate, and interstate. Please note that A Crystal Moving & Storage can palletize items and load a freight carrier of your choice.

Contact Name: John D. Illingworth

Contact Phone: 800.292.9399

Contact Email:


Echo provides transporation solutions across all major modes, including Truckload, LTL, Small Parcel, Intermodal, Domestic Air, Expedited Services, and International Air and Ocean. Echo has an extensive network of carriers to meet all your transportation needs. Please note that items must be palletized before they can be shipped with this carrier.


Contact Name: Ryan Searle

Contact Phone: 312.784.4138

Contact Email:

Craters & Freighters:

Craters & Freighters is America's leading specialty crating company. They offer crating and shipping options for high value, heavy, fragile, and unique items. Full range logistics services include business and residential pick-up and delivery as well as, domestic and international shipping from the US.


Phone: 303.399.8190


Please note that these are only suggestions of carriers that have worked well for our customers in the past. Customers of RestaurantEquipment.Bid may use any freight carrier that they deem acceptable.

RestaurantEquipment.Bid is not affiliated with any of the above companies and shipping expenses are to be paid by the customer. RESTAURANTEQUIPMENT.BID WILL NOT SHIP ITEMS UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.

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